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Join explorers and vacationers as they travel in "real time" to the many corners of the globe. Travelers record their observations on laptop computers and some take photographs with digital cameras. Transmissions are made to our site using modems with local telephone connections, in Cyber Cafes or with mobile satellite phones in remote locations. Use this site when planning a vacation or sit back and take some time to enjoy exploring the world from home.

Cyber-Adventures also features The Coolest Travel Site of the Week, Strange (But True) Travel Stories, Weekend Getaways and What's The Weather. Sponsors of Cyber-Adventures such as airlines, travel companies, and consumer electronic companies promote contests for free trips and make special travel offers.

More than one hundred travel stories are featured on Cyber-Adventures and forty to fifty new travel stories will be added each year. All Cyber-Adventures will remain accessible for future reference.

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NOTE: Cyber-Adventures is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of the information published herein. All opinions stated in travel articles are the opinions of the authors, and not necessarily the opinions of Cyber-Adventures. So, loosen up, have a laugh and enjoy your armchair exploring.

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