Texas - Austin

Texas - Austin

From: lesross@io.com
Date sent: Sun, 17 Nov 1996
To: adventures@cyber-adv.com
Subject: So, you're coming to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas - the jewel of the hill country or just too hip for it's own good? I'm a cab driver in Austin and I contend that both these statements are true. This city is full of people who like living here. Besides being an ongoing music festival, it's also a lively center for all the arts. The University of Texas and State Government (this is the capitol) keep the air of controversy ever present. The outlying areas provide many quick getaways. Plenty of golf courses - excellent fishing spots - or just a ride to Luchenbach for a cold Shiner.

It doesn't take long. San Antonio is only 75 miles away and between here and there are great places to visit. A couple of my favorites are Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas and Maggie's Mexican Restaurant in Boerne. I also know where the best BBQ is but I'm not going to tell everyone in the world about that. I may want a seat there sometime.

Anyway, if your coming to Austin, e-mail me for answers to more specific questions and I'll try to help. You'll probably need a cab anyway. I can pick you up at the airport and provide safe, courteous and knowledgeable service. I also make some Mighty Fine T-shirts and bumper-stickers.

Enjoy your visit..............

Les Ross

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