Australian Adventure Feedback

Australian Adventure Feedback

Subject: David's Australian Adventure
Date sent: Fri, 12 Mar 1999

I am happy you enjoyed your holiday in Australia and your message is very informative for prospective visitors, However
-the term Abo for a Native Australian is unfortunately a term used by some but is a extremely derogatory term and I don't think anyone needs to learn it.
-a prawn is a prawn or shrimp and a bug is a Morton Bay Bug or similar.
-kangaroos are not the main cause of traffic accidents on our roads.

Date sent: Thu, 25 Feb 1999
From: chelsea
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Subject: Say whatttt??

I respectfully request either a breathalyzer test or possibly an eye exam for D. Malone for his Australian adventure. Having lived in Australia, and recently returned to visit relatives, I question his observations.

Australia was one of the first places targeted by the American tobacco companies as a new source of "customers." Most pubs have air the color of burning autumn leaves and stale as last week's poker game. Young children smoke openly and most teens in the cities have to have their smokes.

Very young girls dangle cigarettes from their mouths in what appears to be a ploy to look older. What they actually prove is that if they were older they probably would not be able to dangle cigarettes that long as parts of them may object.

My family was shocked on our first trip to the suburbs of Sydney to see areas that looked like tips (garbage dumps) turn out to be just convenient road side dumping places. Having been up and down the coast from Sydney and over much of Western Australia, I think I can safely say that the Aussies are no better than their U S counterparts. Actually, many places are worse than the U S.

It is true that there are areas that are kept in great shape. Perth is a goof example. One has to go into the poorer areas of Perth to see rubbish strewn around. Even then it is not as bad as eastern Australia or most of the U S.

But to intimate that Australia is totally clean and intimate that Australians are less inclined to throw rubbish is just that: rubbish. But to say that Australians don't smoke shows a man who looked at Oz with stars in his eyes . . . and through a dim haze he obviously didn't notice.

Chelsea C Cook

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