My American Adventure, 1995

For a number of years I had wanted to travel. Why I waited so long with actually doing it, I don't know. Anyways, this summer, the summer of '95, I DID go. Alone, with the destination being 6 weeks of down-to-earth travelling in the USA. Goody. The reason I went there instead of somewhere else was that the major field trip for the computer science students at the Norwegian Institute of Technology would take place in the Silicon Valley area the last week of August, and could easily be combined with a vacation "over there".

Uhm... I also had a lot of other reasons for going there, some of them are listed here:

I really wanted to:

Some of these wishes of course came to the surface after I arrived in the US, but I still think they have been in me forever, just waiting for the right time to tell me they were there. And they did. But did I get to actually do them? Read and find out. #8D)

While travelling, I wrote a log, making sure I would not forget any of the great things I experienced while travelling. The text is now just about what I want it to be, but I am still working on inserting pictures from my trip. I consider the text to be the most important part, though. So...


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