Campground CATastrophe

Campground CATastrophe

Date sent: Tue, 06 Aug 1996
From: Ed Dodson
Subject: Electrocuted Cat
We were recently camping in our VW van in Thesolonika, Greece. As it was off-season, we were almost the only ones in the campground so all the resident cats made a bee-line for our camper looking for a hand out. There was one particularly obnoxious cat with a destinctive black "patch" around one eye that would try to get into the camper every time we opened the door.

Well, it rained for several days and everything was damp, so we decided to plug into the electricity to run our heater and dry things out. We were all hooked up, but unaware that it was not properly grounded. When we opened the camper door, the obnoxious cat tried the jump in and got the surprise of its' life, a bad electrical shock, sending it screeching and flying through the air into the bushes where it huddled for several hours. We had a good laugh over that at the cat's expense.

Several weeks later we were on the ferry from Greece to Italy and shared our space with two German college students who had tent camped thru Greece. The started telling us about this obnoxious cat in the campground in Thesolonika, and it turned out to be the same cat. When we told them we had "electrocuted"it, they roared and rolled with laughter for an hour!

Ed Dodson

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