Small World

Small World

Date sent: Wed, 1 Jul 1998
Subject: How about a picnic??

My sister and I took a month off and took a trip circling the United States. We started in Virginia taking a southwest route and came back across the northwest. At the same time her college roommate, Molly, had the same idea traveling from Seattle going southeast and coming back northeast to Mass.

While traveling in South Dakota, my sister and I decided to visit Little Bighorn National Historic Park and have a picnic lunch. In the parking lot my sister noticed a familiar car. "That looks like Molly's car " she explained. Always the skeptic I said there was no possible way. After all what were the chances? Two people going two different directions, following a different time schedule?

We proceeded to find a spot when who do we see on the hill having a picnic. Yes, her roommate. We proceeded to take a picture to record the miraculous event though, no one seemed as excited as us. :)

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