Costa Rica - Kayaking Lake Arenal

Costa Rica - Kayaking Lake Arenal

Date sent: Sun, 30 Nov 97
From: "Joe Dvis"
Subject: Costa Rica - Kayaking Lake Arenal

I sea kayak for fun and adventure. I took my sea kayak to Lake Arenal in volcano country. I had ten days of paddling the most beautiful lake in the world. With an alpine atmosphere and 10 degrees north of the equator it's easy to get confused as to where you are.

The Ticos are real sports enthusiasts and love the outdoors. We got directions and other advice the whole way. It is a great plus if you speak Spanish.

After a few days of paddling, relax your sore muscles at Tabacon Springs. This is the most unusual and beautiful place I've seen in Costa Rica and I've been going there every year for 11 years. The spring is a 100 degree river that flows out from under the Arenal Volcano. The place has a gourmet restaurant, great bar, super employees and guests and a mega jacuzzi experience.

I will return every time for the rest of my life.

Written by Joe Dvis

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