10/ 4/1994 After getting off of the plane, we drove along the beautiful coastline and through the countryside. All we could see was deep blue ocean, palm trees and sunshine. We arrived at Makena Surf (our condo). So far, Maui is a tropical paradise with an overwhelming fragrant smell of flowers. I drew a picture on my wizard of the unobstructed view of the ocean which is fifty yards from our lanai (terrace).

View from outside                                         View from inside

Sitting in the living room with the sliding doors open we hear the sound of waves crashing to the shore.

We went shopping for $170 worth of food for the week and had dinner at Erik's Seafood. The food was just okay and cost $60. We were tired and went to bed at 7:00pm.


10/ 5/1994 I woke up at 3:00am and read and watched the beach and ocean light up. When Michey woke up, we took a walk along a dirt road that runs along the coastline to the Maui Prince Hotel. It is a grand hotel with beautiful grounds. A few women in wide brimmed hats were gardening (I had to have one of these hats).

Michey made delicious egg rolls and salad for lunch. We took a drive to town to take a look at the area and buy books, hats and other miscellaneous items. I rented a bike for the week while Michey looked around some tourist trap booths in the town of Kihei. I took off on my bicycle to ride back to the condo (6 miles). I rode into a development of luxury homes and found myself at a dead end. My only options were to go back where I came in (up a big hill) or to head down onto the concrete golf cart path of a beautiful course overlooking the ocean (it was and easy decision). I ending up riding nine holes which was like an amusement park ride-lots of turns and ups and downs. A few golfers gave me puzzled looks as I whizzed past them. I decided to head off of the course when I saw that the men on the maintenance cart on a nearby path were not too amused by my choice for a bike path.

When I got back to the condo I realized that I must have lost my license during my ride. I was afraid that I might have lost it while on the golf course and didn't want to have to try to explain why I was there and risk being identified as the biking guy. Luckily I found it along the road.

I found Michey, and the key to the condo, at the beach and I went to take a shower.

I went to the jacuzzi for a few minutes to relax and read. Michey watched 90211 and we went to bed.


10/ 6/1994 I woke up at 2:00am after a night of questionable sleep. We took an early drive to the Botanical Gardens and walked through the four acres of exotic tropical flowers and plants. We played a game of Scrabble on their deck and had a view of the entire valley and ocean.

We headed to the Maui Onion for lunch at the Stoeffer Hotel. We were told that they were famous for their onion rings. The food was good but the most enjoyable part of our lunch was eating out doors with the sound of birds and a view of the ocean and gigantic pool.

Back at the condo we sat on lounge chairs on the grass on a bluff, overlooking the waves crashing against the rocks on the beach below. Michey walked down to the beach to look for shells. She came back with what she thought was an oyster but it turned out to be a macadamia nut.

We relaxed on the lounge chairs for a few hours and then headed down to the beach. Michey looked for more shells while I floated in the warm ocean for half an hour. The water was calm and the sand was smooth as powder.

At night we drove to the 72nd Maui County Fair. We were lost for a while but finally made it. They had lots of livestock, flea market booths, carnival rides and games. All of the food had a consistent theme of pork.

We returned to the condo, watched Seinfeld and fell asleep.


10/ 7/1994 I woke up early again and drove into the hills above Makena to watch the sunrise over the ocean and village and drew a picture of the magnificent view.

We stayed in the condo for most of the morning. I took a drive to the nearby Kea Lani Hotel. It was the Trump Taj Mahal of Hawaii with magnificent grounds, pools and people. I bought Michey some flowers and borrowed a towel so that I could sneak in later and lay out by the hourglass shaped black bottomed pools.

We drove past the Maui Prince to an area with spectacular a view. The road curved in a single lane three feet above the ocean, with waves hitting the road's wall. The homes along the drive were some of the largest and most expensive estates on Maui. This area is one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the island with turquoise water and views of mountains in the distance.

We drove to Makena beach and I sat in the shade getting eaten by bugs while Michey hunted for yet more shells.

We returned to the condo, took a nap and I swam for half an hour.

Michey made a great Italian meal and we watched a Michael J. Fox video, and fell asleep.


10/ 8/1994 I woke up at an ungodly hour and watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

I took an early morning bike ride down the road past the Maui Prince where we had driven yesterday. The view was even more astounding as I was able to slowly appreciate everything that we passed, with no other cars on the road to distract me.

We headed down to the beach and I went floating on a bright yellow raft in the ocean, wearing my Japanese gardening hat-Michey searched for shells. While I was enjoying myself on the raft, a man on the beach raised his hand as if he were trying to stop something from happening and all of a sudden a wave crashed into me, threw me off my raft and knocked off my glasses. I never found the glasses but the three dollar raft and my hat were okay.

We packed a picnic lunch and drove to Ioa Needle, a national park area that was twenty minutes from the condo. We hiked through the lush woods along the river and were overwhelmed with the scent of guava (there was also a lot of rotting guava on the ground), and found a secluded area to have lunch. I waded in the water for a few minutes before finding a good spot to lay down to enjoy the cool water rushing by. The only other people we saw were a couple of ex-New Yorkers, swimming in the water with their dogs, who moved to Maui seventeen years ago. We asked them for the name of the best place for a seafood dinner in the Makena/Kihei area and they recommended that we go to an Italian restaurant called Carelli's.

We went back to the condo and took a nap. Michey made an excellent Mexican meal for dinner. We took a short walk on the beach during sunset and then went to the sneak preview of the remake of A Love Affair.

After Michey told me what would happen at the end, I walked out of the already unbearable movie, which I especially could not stand watching knowing the ending.

We returned to the condo and went to sleep.


10/ 9/1994 Michey sat on a lounge chair on the beach while I sat in the shade above on the grassy bluff under a palm tree playing with a chameleon that I caught.

We went back to spend most of the morning in the condo, and decided to go the Humane Society to look at puppies (we passed the animal shelter sign twice every day because it was on the main road). We both fell in love with number 792, a 6 month year old black lab/setter/hound, and decided to adopt him. We later told that black dogs are a delicacy for some Hawaiians (we couldn't verify this) and were happy to know that we saved him from that fate.

We returned to the condo and made delicious, fresh, barbecued opakapaka (pink snapper) sandwiches by the pool and talked some newlyweds from Vermillion Ohio.

We went back to the condo to read and relax, called everyone we know to tell them about Asher (the puppy), and left to see Quiz Show.

We returned and Michey made a gourmet fish dinner.


10/10/1994 We spent the morning sitting on the beach and relaxing in the condo. We drove to the pet store and Kmart to pick up things for Asher. We stopped at Maui Bagels to taste the local variety (they weren't bad) and picked up the puppy.

We went to a park on the beach in Kihei to play with Asher and watched the sunset. We returned to the condo, purposely waiting for dark, to sneak Asher and his dog house into our unit (we didn't know if pets were allowed and didn't want to know the answer).

I swam for half an hour in the dark. While I was doing the backstroke I saw the most beautiful moonlit star filled sky.

When I went back to the condo, Michey had prepared an excellent meal of pasta, salad and potatoes.

We played with Asher for a while and then took him for a walk on the road. Three wild dogs ran by on the other side of the street but luckily Asher didn't bark. He did what he needed to do and we went home and all went to sleep.


10/11/1994 I woke up and rode down Kihei Road past the bike shop and up to Pilani Highway.

The view was spectacular of the ocean and mountains from my vantage point in the hills.

We decided to spend the day driving up the Hana Highway. We passed through a pastel colored town called Paia and climbed the winding roads towards Hana. As we began to cross the first of the short, single lane, bridges, we looked down through valleys at breathtaking sights of the ocean and the rainforest, hundreds of feet below.

We were stuck for thirty minutes waiting for construction so I took Asher for a walk. I joined someone from Washington DC whose wife was from San Francisco. As we headed up the road, a light rainshower started which cooled us off. Lucky for me I was wearing my wide brimmed gardener hat.

Michey picked me up and we continued our drive. We stopped at a snack bar, ate lunch, and met people from Venice, California and Wisconsin.

We continued our drive past Hana, listening to the sounds of birds and streams of the rainforest. The drive through Hana took us past some of the most beautiful countryside which reminded us of the Cotswolds. We stopped for a moment at the Sheraton which was luxurious with cottages on cliffs overlooking the ocean. We decided that we might stay in Hana on our next trip to Maui.

We drove back down the hill and made a turn on Uliano road. We passed some large estates with great views, like Katherine Hepburn's house in Love Affair. Michey got very nervous because the guide book suggested four wheel drives cars (ours was a Ford Probe), and we hit rocks and steep slopes.

We passed the Kulina Gardens which had gigantic fruit trees and ended up by the ocean. No one was at the Venus Pool, an area of water surrounded by volcanic rocks near the ocean, where nude bathers are sometimes seen. The beach was deserted with waves crashing against the rocks and the shore.
We continued driving down Hana Highway and took a few pictures. We were stuck in another line of traffic because of the construction. I walked off the road to a small park which led into the rainforest. There was a flash rainstorm which was much heavier than the earlier one. I waited on a picnic table under a small shelter until the rain subsided. The cars started moving and we headed home.

We got a call from the condo management company saying that someone either heard or saw a dog. We admitted that we had the dog and assured them that he was completely house broken (we hoped) and reminded them that we were leaving in a day. They didn't call the dog police.

We drove to Carelli's for a sunset dinner on the beach. The host was the guy from Ioa Needle with the dogs. I said why didn't you tell us you worked here and he said, I own it. The food was excellent and he gave us a "Paisan" discount from $100 to $60.

We went back to the condo and fell asleep.


10/12/1994 I took an early morning fifteen mile bike ride to the Pilani highway and down to Kihei Rd. The view was beautiful as expected and the ride was mostly flat.

We took Asher to the beach in front of the Kea Lani Hotel. You can sit on any beach in Hawaii and typically have access directly through the hotels by law. I rented snorkel gear for $5 at the hotel and spent one hour diving and swimming with brilliantly colorful fish and past gigantic coral reefs. The visibility was probably 100 feet and the colors and varieties of fish were spectacular.

We sadly checked out of our condo and drove to Paia for a quick lunch. We ate a quick picnic lunch of spinach nut burgers in a park near the ocean. We stopped for a few minutes to watch the windsurfers and headed to the airport.

We checked Asher in with our luggage and flew home.

Jonathan Singer

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