Ouch, That Hertz! - Feedback

Ouch, That Hertz! - Feedback

Date sent: Fri, 18 Sep 1998
From: Glenn Smith glenn.t.smith@boeing.com
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: HERTZ

Recently, Hertz rental car agency has had a car rental from us for Canada. It was supposed to be an unlimited mileage policy. We rented the car for four days and drove to New Brunswick. This was a 701 mile drive one way.

We then returned the car and flew home. Two days later a charge was posted to our bill which was at least double what they had told us on the reservation. We have attempted to call the Hertz corporation and dispute this bill but they are refusing to honor their original amount that they told us they would honor. They are thieves and liars in our estimation.

You can quote me.

I dearly hope and pray that you are able to see justice done with the situation that you found.


Dr. Glenn T. Smith TH.D.
SHEM Ministries International

From: "TXTECH RED RAIDER" textech@email.msn.com
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Date sent: Sun, 30 Aug 1998

I feel for you, but let me ask you is the car that you left at the train station where you picked up the car?

According to your rental contract, you must return the car to where you rented the car. If they were closed, you should have left the car there, not driven to the train station in it.

You purchased the Damage Waiver, which protect it from damage, but you broke your contract when you failed to return the vehicle. This effectively null and voided your contract.

Hertz should have filed on your insurance, and not charged your VISA.

In the end, all this could have been avoided if you had remembered that you were loaned an expensive piece of machinery that was not yours. Would you have left your car abandoned at a train station with the keys in it?

Date sent: Tue, 11 Aug 1998
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
From: Irene Abi-Zeid
Subject: Re: Ouch that Hertz

Well this is how the story ended. We won the appeal! The whole deal cost over 7500 in lawyer and other fees! We do not know if we will recover some of that! But justice was served and a good lesson learned!

Dr. Irene Abi-Zeid, Defence Scientist
Defence Research Establishment Valcartier
Decision Support Technology
2459, boul. Pie XI, nord
Val Belair, Quebec, Canada, G3J 1X5
Tel: 418 844 4733 Fax : 418 844 4538
email: irene.abi-zeid@drev.dnd.ca

Date sent: Mon, 03 Aug 1998
From: figuerasbrat
Subject: Hertz Ouch!!!!
To: comments@cyber-adv.com

You guys act like you have never borrowed a book from the library before. Of course the contract will always say you will be fully responsible up to the full value of the car you are renting. If that does not fulfill your needs, then try renting a bicycle.

Date sent: Sat, 25 Jul 1998
From: Miles Mitchell
Organization: CCP Online
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: HERTZ Rental Cars

Many of you customers only see the business from in the driver's seat. Maybe you all should try to look at it from a HERTZ employee's point of view. Business customers will come into the Instant Return lot expecting rides to the airport because they are GOLD customers, what you business/GOLD customers need to know is that the only customers who receive rides to the airport are PLATINUM Customers, elderly, or handicapped customers. Also, GOLD customers do not rank any higher on the priority list when it comes to returning cars. If a regular customer was to come into the Instant return area before a GOLD customer, the regular customer would be helped first. It IS a first come first serve basis. Another thing is that is a customer comes into the counter requesting a car even though they know that they have an expired driver's license, they should have known better than to make a reservation. Like a multi-million dollar company is going to let a person with an expired driver's license take out a $15,000.00 car to a $32,000.00 car. Also it is not an Instant return reps responsibility to clean the cars so DO NOT take it out on them, they are humans too! And for those of you who try to get away with just parking the car at the airport and leaving the keys in the car! Can I SAY --HERE IS YOUR SIGN! You are liable for anything that happens to that car. It states that clearly on the rental agreement and on the inside of the yellow folders which some agreements are placed in. So, all in all, let's use some common sense here. Would you rather go to AVIS where they don't have an Instant Return and you have to go stand in a line to get your car checked in or would you rather go to HERTZ where if your a GOLD customer you have covered parking, and a receipt before you even step out of the car. Ladies and Gentlemen - time is precious, use it very wisely!

HERTZ is the best in the business. EXACTLY!

From: frank.luka@lht.dlh.de
Date sent: Thu, 09 Jul 1998
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: Hertz problem

Hey guys,

in Milano (Italy) I rented a car for one day in the morning at 11:00 am, having made the commitment, that I returned it next day at 1 pm at the airport. Now Hertz Italy in Rome sent me a bill of the double rate, taking the amount from my VISA account, because I exceeded the rental period for 1 hour. I answered them, that I had a spoken confirmation by the Hertz agent in Milano, but they don' t react ? Does anyone have a hint how to dissolve this problem ?

Greeting and thanks in advance


Date sent: Thu, 11 Sep 1997
From: Leo Cabanada
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: YOU IDIOTS!!!


Date sent: Wed, 18 Jun 1997
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
From: Jerold.Kamensky@Compuserve.com

Thanks for the warning. I was surfing looking for rates on Auto rentals when I ran across your story. Hertz is off of my list of companies, I will not even consider them again.

Date sent: Wed, 07 May 1997
Organization: LUBE USA
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: Hertz

Unbeleivable--You just convinced me to go to Avis --

Date sent: Sun, 04 May 1997
From: Matt Rose
To: comments@cyber-adv.com

I have also had an experience with Hertz but it is much less drastic. I have worked for Hertz for over two years now and sadly I have to say that these types of problems are quite normal. I feel only deep sympathy for the trouble you have had. Fortunately I was able to quit quite recently. I hope that your situation will be resolved.

From: akhanolk@lynx.dac.neu.edu (Anant S. Khanolkar)
Subject: Re: Beware! incredible story with HERTZ France
Date: 2 Aug 1996

Hi there,
I sympathize with you guys but in my opinion you should have called Hertz's national office in France before you left that car in the parking lot with keys inside ! Was that part of your contract ? Also your letter does not mention anything about your obligation if the car is stolen/damaged. Even though Hertz acted creepy, taking your money from VISA without informing you, remember you signed a blank slip with "some" agreement with them !!!....Anant.

From: smckinty@sunicnc.France.Sun.COM (Steve McKinty - SunSoft ICNC Grenoble)
Subject: Re: Beware! incredible story with HERTZ France
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 1996

Irene Abi-Zeid writes:

>Our story is quite incredible but true. Three years ago, my husband and >I travelled to France. We rented a car from HERTZ in Deauville, >Normandy, for a week. When we came to return it, the garage was closed, >they closed on wednesdays, a fact of which we were not aware. We had a >train to catch for Paris, so we parked the car at the train station, put >the keys in the glove compartment, locked the doors, and left a message >on HERTZ's answering machine regarding the car.

Well, you broke the terms of your contract then, so you can't expect to be completely free of blame. Any Hertz desk I've ever seen has a box where you leave the keys in such circumstances. Didn't you have theft insurance for the car?

That said, Hertz will always try and get as much money as they can in any case like that. I know someone whose car was involved in a minor accident that was not his fault (the car was rear-ended when he was waiting at a junction). Hertz billed his credit card $2000 for the (slightly cracked) rear bumper.


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