A September to Remember

A September to Remember

From: MOODRICK@aol.com
Date sent: Thu, 27 Mar 1997
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
Subject: kauai dreams
I will be going to KAUAI on September 6, 1997. And I will be there on 9-11, the day that had saved my life. You see, Sept. 11, 1992 was the day that Hurricane Iniki hit the island and stopped me from fulfilling my plans. You see, I was set to go there. I was going to run away and kill myself. But I was stopped by the mighty hand of God. Hurricane Iniki was my wake up call. Sept. 11, 1997 will be the 5 year anniversary of my rebirth and my five-year anniversary without alcohol.

I have turned my life around and am helping others while writing my "BOOKS OF Life." I owe this to Hurricane Iniki. For it took the hand of God to stop me that time from doing the unthinkable. Really, I will never forget that day...

I was wondering if there was anything planned for Sept. 11 and also like to know if Coca Palms had reopened.

Rick J. Fico

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