Where's The Key?

Where's The Key?

Date sent: Thu, 13 Mar 1997
To: comments@cyber-adv.com
From: Marjorie Dole
My husband and 80 year old mother were traveling through Scotland by car (without reservations of course). We arrived in Dundee one afternoon and couldn't find a place to stay that suited us. Then we thought of the University of Dundee. Maybe they had some space since it was summer.

When we got to the front desk, we were told that they had plenty of dorm rooms available although some of them were occupied by SAGA travelers. We were assigned two rooms on the 7th floor. We were also told that dinner with SAGA would be in about l0 minutes in the dining area on the ground floor.

We rushed up to our rooms, did a minimum of unpacking and then went to my mother's room for a glass of wine before dinner. While we were drinking the wine, the door blew shut. When we went to leave, the door was locked and we couldn't get out!

My mother had no idea where the key was. There was no phone in her room. What to do? We were the only guests on the 7th floor. Finally we went to the window and searched the landscape for passersby. None showed up for quite a while and when they did, our shouts went unnoticed.

About ten minutes later, a young man came down the walk and actually heard our plea for help. "What room are you in", he asked? We shouted down "We don't know but it's on the 7th floor." In a few minutes, up he came, opened the door and said "Here are your keys. They were in the lock!" It turned out he was the dishwasher for that night's dinner. We got to dinner a little late but managed to get lots to eat.

Marjorie Dole

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