Connecticut - Litchfield County

Connecticut - Litchfield County

Date sent: Tue, 12 June 1997
Subject: My Favorite Weekend Getaway

I have these friends whose family has a beautiful farm in Litchfield, Connecticut. Back before we were all married and had dogs (and children) to take care of, we used to go up there for some of the most relaxing days I can remember.

There was this big fireplace and this huge, welcoming sofa, and the walks in the woods were unparalleled. We were always discovering new dining experiences, whether it was feasting on newly picked produce from the garden, walking down the road to the vineyard to sample wines, jellies and mustards, discovering a great new restaurant or cooking out on our annual Fourth of July trek to camp out on the back lawn.

Though I've been there many times, each visit holds something new in store to be remembered, whether it be the experience of being there among different groups of people, the different experiences of being there in various seasons, or just the value to me depending on what I needed an escape from at the time.

We don't get back there too often, but that's OK. The memories are still strong and more importantly, the friendship over which we came together on those many memorable weekends is even stronger. I consider both a true treasure.

G. Pitkoff

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