Lost in the Translation

Lost in the Translation

From: S & A Sahagian
To: strange@cyber-adv.com
Subject: On the same wavelength?
Date sent: Mon, 9 Mar 1998

A few years back my husband and I went to Germany and stayed with his nephew who was stationed in Lahr at the time. We decided to take a trip into Switzerland by train, returning in a couple of days.

After an amazing time in Switzerland we returned to Lahr and decided to find a place to get something to eat. We decided on a restaurant and while we were waiting to be served I tried to call Mark to come and pick us up. Unfortunately there was no answer. During our meal (which was delicious) I tried numerous times to call - with the same result. As my husband always eats faster than I do he decided to try calling one more time while I was finishing up.

Soon he came back with a big smile to tell me he had spoken to Mark who was now on his way. Puzzled, I asked him: "How did you explain to him where we are?" (My husband does not speak any German.) Very pleased with himself he replied that he had read the name and address of the restaurant off of a matchbook he had picked up. I looked and could not see an address.

"Sure, it's right there, Sonntag ruhetag street."

I explained that Sonntag ruhetag means 'closed Sundays'.

Of course Mark was already gone when we called, but 10 minutes later, there he was with the car, waiting for us!!

A. Sagan

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