Nevada & Utah Feedback

Nevada & Utah Feedback

Date: Tue, 5 May 1998
Subject: Great places

I feel that Eagle Valley is one of my best all around go get away places. The is not to many places that can equal the cool quit evenings or the serenity it has to offer. I have camped and fished many lakes and streams but there is not any other place I have been to large or small that can equal Eagle Valley. Forgive me of my not so perfect typing.

Thanks, Ray

Date sent: Sat, 7 Jun 1997
Subject: Re: utah story

I shall try to give you some info on the area. It is a favorite of mine. In the Duck Creek area, there are many places to go. I particularly like to fish, and Navajo Lake is close by. There is a small pond near Duck Creek, as well as Aspen Mirror lake. The stream along Duck Creek is fishable. There is a ranger station west of Duck Creek about a mile. The rangers there were very helpful and informative, and much free printed info is available. There are a lot of trails in the area that will take you into the backcountry.

When you go up the road to Zion from St. George, just inside the west entrance is a visitors center with some excellent maps. They also have listings of campgrounds in the Dixie National Forest, which is where you will be. They will be helpful in planning. Just past the eastern entrance is a good backroad that will take you to Navajo Lake and Duck Creek. It is shorter than going to Carmel Junction and doubling back to get to Duck Creek. There are a couple of campgrounds at Navajo Lake, and others in the Duck Creek area.

I did not spend too much time in the Zion area. We were there last August, and it is warmer at the lower elevations. We went on to Panguitch for a couple of days, then on to Escalante, one of my favorite areas. On the road to Escalante are some good spots. The Sevier River around Hatch has some good fishing, and out of the town of Tropic Pine Lake is also good. Pine Lake has a better campground than Hatch. The Aquarius plateau north of Escalante has many small lakes high up in the mountains that have excellent fishing. A good campground can be found at Posey Lake or Wide Hollow Reservoir. Posey is a lot higher and cooler than Wide Hollow. Barker Reservoirs and McGath Lake are close by. Barker is reachable by pickup, and a four wheel drive is suggested to go to McGath. The whole plateau is covered by small lakes. The ranger station in Escalante is a good source of information and maps. Escalante has two stores, and gas stations, as well as restaurants and other businesses. The back road between Escalante and Boulder is spectacular, and can be traveled by car. Posey is reachable easily by car. There is an Anasazi museum and old dwellings in Boulder. These are farther than Duck Creek, but they are less traveled and less crowded.

Wherever you go in the area, try to stock up in St. George. The prices in Springdale, Duck Creek, and Escalante are quite high, and selection is limited. There is excellent scenery, photo spots, and wildlife along the way. Just how far you want to go and how far you want to get off the beaten path is up to you. Wherever you go in the area, I think you will have a good time. It is all heavily forested.

I may possibly be going to Escalante the last two weeks of July. Not sure yet. I am definitely going to go to Cave Lake, Nevada for the first week in August, and from there to Esclante for two weeks at Posey. Perhaps I will see you there. I have a red and silver Bronco, and a monster blue Eureka tent.

Feel free to contact me with further questions about specifics. I have a lot of literature I picked up on the trip, and perhaps can provide more info. Have fun.

Steve, the DsrtTravlr.

Date sent: Thu, 5 Jun 1997
From: Bill Elasky

I liked your description of the Duck Creek, UT region. Have a group of Boy Scouts and will be in the area on the 25 and 26th of this month. We are looking for a place to camp while visiting Cedar Breaks and Zion on our way to the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions????? My name is Bill Elasky and my e-mail address is Have a great day.


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