Mexico - Oaxaca: A Hell of a Town Feedback

Mexico - Oaxaca: A Hell of a Town Feedback

Date sent: Wed, 13 Aug 1997
From: (Heinis, Julius)
Subject: Oaxaca

Yes, but did you visit the Arbole del Tule, the biggest (in circumference) tree of the world.? I was there with my Cessna plane about 10 years ago. It was nice, but.....

We took a very crowded bus to the airport. There were arms, legs and bodies intertwined all around me. I hang on the handle on the bus's ceiling. Then I felt something a bit funny down below.... Maybe a queer? ..... May billfold was safe....., Then we got to the airport and my keys were missing (obviously removed when I felt something funny down below!).

It was a Sunday and no locksmith could be found. Somehow we got into the plane and a mechanic disconnected the magneto. My 2 passengers and I then went into the plane and were hand-propped. It flew and our next landing was in Zihuatenejo. At two more stops I had to try real hard to find somebody brave enough to handprop my Cessna 172.

The other - funny but sad story had to do with the lady having her purse on the floor of the restaurant. A guy came by and dropped a few coins. Well, I thought, let him pick them up.... a mistake, for he stole the lady's purse (passport, money and all).

Rest of the trip was lots of fun.


Date sent: Wed, 16 Jul 1997
From: Dan Lawson <"">
Subject: Enjoyed your article about Oaxaca

It's been over 10 years since I was in Oaxaca, when a friend and I spend a very enjoyable week staying at El Principal and eating various places including Restaurant Quickly. Sounds as though it's still a great place, maybe even more developed for tourists. Thanks for a great article!

Date sent: Wed, 9 Jul 1997
From: fstokes
Subject: Oaxaca

Dear Bruce Boyce,

Last summer I stayed in Oaxaca for 1 month with a group from my college. We all took Spanish classes every morning and spent the rest of the days doing whatever we wanted. Each of us lived with a Mexican family and that was a great experience in learning about there culture. I thought it was a great opportunity. We traveled to Monte Alban, the historic district you mentioned-the zocolo, and MANY other places. This experience of living in Oaxaca, visiting all these places, and most of all, getting to know the natives has made it the most wonderful and educational time in my life. Next summer I hope to take my mother there to show her the beautiful Oaxaca I miss so much. It means even more to us because we are Mexican.

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