O Jackie

O Jackie

From: SHELTERFTS@aol.com
Date sent: Thu, 31 Jul 1997
To: strange@cyber-adv.com
Subject: fomer flight attendant

I flew for 9 years. One day on a flight from Boston to New York, June of 89, that month having the most severe thunderstorms in the Northeast, Jackie O. and her secretary had been trying to get to (LGA) all afternoon with the rest of the passengers. our crew boarded to relieve the crew who were to go illegal. Ms Kennedy-Onassis and many other passengers came to the front for some beverages being such a long and humid day.

The plane had apparently been returned to the gate three times because of back up and weather. Well as god is my witness if i could have crawled under a rock when Jackie O asked my fellow crew member for a coke, my crew member turned to her with the Coke and said this( gee Jackie, we're sorry about John failing the bar (as in bar exam his 2nd try) we'll be routing for him next time.) with a stone face she turned to me and walked away. I was horrified that 1) she called her Jackie like they do lunch, 2) it's her son who failed the bar exam twice - its not like she wants to share with us and 3) just because she was trapped on a plane with us, for no amount of money and prestige would I have wanted to live her life, and she had a presence and was one of the few high profile people I respected (that does not apply to the rest of the Kennedys).

To make a long story short, I crawled out from under the rock and said to my co-worker, I cant believe you said that to her, thank goodness you didn't ask her anything else. Well, she said, Ii was going to ask about Caroline but she didn't give me a chance.


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