France - Paris

France - Paris

Date sent: Sun, 17 Jan 1999
Subject: Paris
From: "Jeni Bateman"

If you are from the UK or visiting and end up in London with a few days on your hands then head down to the Eurostar terminal at Waterloo East in South London. It's easy to get to, if you don't know the way get a cab. There's a special offer 99 for two people to get to Paris and the travel time is only 3 hours. 14 of us went to Paris for the New Year, staying at the Hotel de Hollande in rue de Cadet for 4 nights. It's not a five star palace but the owners are friendly and there's none of that you have to be in at a certain time business, really relaxed. The maids come in each day with fresh white towels and there's a shower and TV in each room, so you can truly relax after taking in the city.

Walking's the best way to get around. Buy yourself a guide book and head down to the Seine. Beautiful especially at night. Or you can take in some art at the Louvre but beware of the queues here and to get into most of the big galleries, d'Orsay and some of the other sights. but just walking around is great enough itself. One thing, watch out for the dogs ... you know what, Parisians haven't discovered doggy scoops yet...

Jeni Bateman

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