Just "Plane" Crazy

Just "Plane" Crazy

Date sent: Sat, 20 Apr 1996
From: Selin Orsoy
At the end of February, I was on a flight to Norway on NW. Actually the particular leg that I am referring to is Minn to Amsterdam. The flight was completely booked. There was not one empty seat. Well, my friend and I wanted to sit together, but the flight attendants were unable to get anyone to switch with us.

Just as we got situated, this man began to secretly complain to an attendant. Then the attendant re-seated him. A woman sitting near me gave up her seat and allowed this man to sit there and then she sat in his seat which was on the other side of the plane. All of this is delaying the flight and people were getting a little curious. Why did the man want to move so badly?

Well, after 5 minutes, the woman came back and said that she did want to sit there either. She demanded her seat back from the man. The man refused to move! He said that they already switched and that he was not going to sit in his original seat. At this point, the whole plane was curious. A crowd of attendants came over to the man and told him that he had to move back. He said NO WAY. Then airport security came and told him that if he did not cooperate, he would have to leave the plane. The people in his row were getting so annoyed, and then one man said that he would switch with him if he would just shut-up. This went on for at least 20 minutes.

The crazy thing is that no one ever found out why the man and the woman did not want to sit in that "seat." Both of them complained to the attendants secretly so no one could hear what they were saying. The end result- the man had to move, another man took his seat, and everyone starting gossiping about how crazy that man was.

On the return flight, there was a guy from Amsterdam that wore a full American football outfit (including shoulder pads and helmet) during the entire flight! I have never had so much excitement on a flight. Thanks to NW/KLM, I am now a loyal customer!

Selin Orsoy, GSU LAW

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