I am a newcomer to Cyber Adventures and look forward to seeing more.

Shae, State College, PA, USA

Nice site, always fun and educational to read others adventures, a very good idea.

Per, Aarhus, Denmark

Cool Web Site - would like to see more travel and adventure stories.

Kerry, Energy, IL, USA

I like your site. Very informative.

Gary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

I'm enjoying your site.

Lois, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Loved Africa trip story.

Jared, London , United Kingdom

.... excellent. It consists of travel journals from different people who have travelled to a variety of places .... a decent website, of interest to travelers, not tourists ....


very interesting - well worth bookmarking for the future - used to frequent the big flea market in San Jose years ago - will be back soon - ciao

josef, Mansfield, MA, USA


John, Phuket, Thailand

My wife and I are planning an extensive trip throuhghout Europe in a V.W. Camper. We intend to start in the spring in 1998 and be in Europe and The U.K. for 18/24 months. I hope this page will be of help to us in our planning and during the trip.
Great page --- keep up the good work.

With thanks Mike, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Great. Hope to submit some of my own after my 2 mo trip to Nepal and India in Jan


I like the ease of use.

Judy, Ewa Beach, HI, USA

I really like the site

murli, dubai, united arab emirates

I am a travel agent and am always interested in hearing about peoples travel adventures. Thanks for putting me on your list.

Bob, Richardson, TX, USA

Clear concise descriptions

Colleen, Winslow, AZ, USA


Gordon, Wellesley, MA, USA

good idea, we are coming back

Gerd, Munich, Bavaria, Germany


Tony, Debenham, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK


Rebecca, Surrey, BC, Canada

I haven't had a chance to peruse everything, but it looks good so far. I plan on continuing my surfing. Thanks!

Eileen, Carlsbad, California, USA

Cool Stories.

Gina, Madison, AL, USA

This is just my first visit, so I don't think I should comment yet. However, it looks like a great site from what I've seen so far. I'll be back!

Jan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Am looking forward to further adventures...

Kevin, Valencia, CA, US

Very Informative, thanks......(good links)

Desmond, San Jose, CA, USA

.... just discovered you but from what I've seen, it looks great.

Owen, Taylor Lake Village, Texas, USA



Very Informative

Earl, Fort Washington, MD, USA

I like the thrust of Cyber Adventures, and hope that I'm able to add something of interest, in the future

Clinton, WA, U.S.A.

Nice page with nice pictures. A smart idea!

Johannes, Norrkoping, Östergötland, Sweden

This is my first time visit. Will let you know after I use it for awhile. So far it looks very good to me.

Peter, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA


John, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

I like the original first hand personal accounts.

Kunz, NY, NY, USA

Great candid reviews from traveling peers.

Pete, Huntington, NY, USA

The coolest travel site of the week is a great feature. I would like to see more done with eastern and central europe, including the various cyber-cafe sites here.

Linda, Czech Republic

Your website is great, linking travellers from around the world. Provides a valuable service for prospective travellers.

Wee Cheng, Singapore

I like it all!!!!!!! Travel anywhere, anytime.....

Allan, Staten Island, New York, USA

First time I've visited this site - it looks very interesting and I think it will be helpful to me.

Temple, Glade Spring, VA, USA

Just now checking it out. No comment as yet, but looks great on just a quick look!!

Juliana, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ease of use and general info is great

Bruce, Las Vegas, NV, US

Really enjoyed the links to other sites, best I've seen

Patti, Lake Mills, Iowa, USA

I like the Cyber Adventures because I can feel and enjoy the places I otherwise can´t visit.

Markku, Stockholm, Sweden

I've just looked at the 'coolest travel site' part, and it's excellent! Keep up the good work!

Jon Per, Oslo, Norway


Carol, Montrose, CO, USA

Great site, Plan a couple of vacations a year. The Jamaica story was timely. We have Sandals-Negril near the top of our list. Will check it out closely.

David & Anne, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Wonderful, vicarious traveling for when I'm not on the road myself.

Lyle, Illinois, USA

Since I'm a travel agent, I'd like to keep current on the latest travel information. Info is quite good on Home Page so far.

Jeanne, Santa Clara, CA, USA

The amount of interactivity is tremendous.

Linda, Prague, Czech Republic

Brilliant - I especially love the ongoing tales of the
"1996 It Will Be So Awful it will be wonderful" Tour!

Caroline, Sydney, Australia

Delighted with all the informtion re Kalymnos in Greece.

Anne, Furzton, England

I think your site is very awesome. I really love to travel.

Jennifer, West Virginia, USA

Your site is varied and full of interesting ideas- keep it up!

Janice, Marietta, GA, USA

Strange but true travel stories" is what I like most of this site.

Wee Cheng, Singapore

Great to hear stories and facts about countries and places you haven't been to and become curious to visit after reading about them.

Kerstin, Braeside, Ontario, Canada

I haven't really used this service to it's full extent but I like what I see

Carlos, San Francisco, CA, USA


Enza, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Good idea. I'm enjoying reading the adventures.

Glenn, Pompano Beach, FL, USA

I think it's great!!!!

Stig, Norway

I haven't spent much time yet but I like what I see - I'll be coming back often

Carol, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I really like this site!!

Wilson, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

A good source for travelogues

Jouko, Helsinki, Finland

Terrific site. Information from other travelers is fun to read. Also, good links for information

Cheri, Northbrook, Illinois, USA

Great site! Really! ,-)

Jose, Portugal

This is great!

Cindy, Pocatello, ID, USA

As a traveler I really enjoy the stories.

Ron, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Great article on Fiji.

Carl, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Loved it all. Please add to it regularly!

Danny, Alamosa, CO, USA


Steven, Denver, Colorado, USA

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