Snorkeled and Snookered

Snorkeled and Snookered

Date sent: Thu, 15 Oct 1998
Subject: Snorkeling in Mexico

I'd love to have this printed to warn others about sweet talking con artists in Mexico.

Beware of Adventuras Romano based in Tulum, Mexico (south of Cancun). Their so called private snorkeling tours are a set up to rip off your money, cameras, etc. We met Eddie in the shops outside the archeological ruins of Tulum. He promised us a day of snorkeling in places that other tourists wouldn't know about. He told us if we rented a jeep, he could just ride on the back. We figured out later that the jeep would also keep us from locking stuff in our car.

Eddie Romano took us to a remote beach surrounded by jungle. He told us to take our things to the beach in case anyone walked by and looked in the jeep. (Should have been a huge clue!) The beach was gorgeous and we were all eager to hop in the water. Not five minutes later, Eddie was yelling and someone was taking our bags from the beach. The thief ran into the jungle and Eddie yelled all kinds of stuff to confuse us. We lost our heads in an adrenaline rush and ran into the jungle after the thief. Once we thought about the danger, we stopped, regrouped, and went to the police. They were nice but not much help. So beware.

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