Chance Meeting in Madrid

Chance Meeting in Madrid

Date sent: Wed, 15 May 96
From: dan (
In the summer of 1978 my cousin and I were traveling through Europe and took the train from Paris to Lisbon. Unfortunatly, the train arrived late to Madrid and we missed the connection to Lisbon. We then found out that we would have to go to the southern train station to make reservations for the train to Lisbon. Since it was a nice day we decided to walk to the station and tried to figure out what we were going to do after we made our reservations.

We decided that we would go to the Prado first and then get a beer since we felt the art would be appreciated much more, than after. We then made reservations for the night train to Lisbon which would leave at 8 o'clock in the evening. Once that was completed we set off for the Prado for some culture and then a few beers.

We had been there for an hour or so and I walked into a one of the rooms and was appreciating the art and a guy and a women walk up and says are you Dan ? I said yes I am and he says I'm your cousin John, soon after that my Aunt and Uncle walked up and said hello. To say we were speechless is an understatement, I knew he was going to school in Sevilla for the summer and we planned to visit as we went around. However, my Aunt and Uncle had gone to visit and they had left Sevilla early and had stopped there for the day to visit the Prado as they were heading north. It just so happened that we stopped there at the same time and met up, as one would say what where the chances....well that day they were 100%. Of course the night train from Madrid to Lisbon was another experience that deserves a story. Maybe later


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