Suite Surprise

Suite Surprise

Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997
From: jose soplar
Subject: Funny travel story

A bunch of us guys went to Molokai, to the Kaluakoi Resort, for a golf weekend. On Sunday, because we all had to check out at 11:00, management allowed us the use of one room to clean up after golf, before catching a plane home. When we entered the room, the bathroom door was locked, though the rest of the room looked unused.

We were debating what to do when the bathroom door opened, and out stepped a gorgeous blond wrapped in a towel and carrying her clothes. After a few silly sounding explanations, she accepted a beer, went back in the bathroom and came out a few moments later, dressed and looking at least as attractive as she did in the towel.

All of us, herself included, thought it was hilarious that we were all given the same room, and we sent her on her way with a few beers for her boyfriend.

Later, at the airport, her boyfriend gave us all stink eye, and made it a point to throw the beer we sent him, unopened, in the trash.

Jose Soplar

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