A Vacation in Venice Feedback

A Vacation in Venice Feedback

Date sent: Tue, 13 Jul 1999
From: Lise Plante gplante@sympatico.ca
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Subject: A vacation in Venice

Looking for Pensione La Calcina on internet I found your letter dated April 26, 1997 and I enjoyed it very much- Unfortunately it was impossible to have a reservation at La Calcina but we found a very nice place called La Residenza a few steps from St.Mark's Square it is a magnificent gothic front of the 15th cent. with 5 central joined window surmounted sith fragments of Byzantine sculpture of the 10th Century. It was formerly owned by the Gritti Family. It is a pleasant and inexpensive place to stay in Venice with a good breakfast included. It is not right on the canal we have to take a little street Campo Bandie E Moro almost next to the church La Pieta. The vaporetto stop at S.Zaccaria and it is a few minutes walk.

One morning we walked by the Giudecca canal to visit La Salute and La Douane de Mer. We passed by La Calcina and had lunch at Taverna San Trovoso mentioned in your letter. We enjoyed very much the gnocchi at quatro fromaggi and the fish. Among our treat were a bellini on the terrace of the Gritti Hotel and a diner at the top of the Danielli the view from there is breath taking.

Befor Italy we were in Madrid to visit the Prado and Bilbao to see the Guggenheim. The architecture of this museum is exceptional. We stayed at the Hotel Santo Domingo and it was a few minutes walk to the museum. >From there we took a bus to go to Biarritz and we ended our trip in Italy, Florence which I loved and Venice which we left at 5:30 a.m. and following your experience we took a water taxi to Marco Polo airport. The sun was rising the water and everything was pink. It is my last view of Venice. Now I a reading about this beautiful period La Renaissance.

You probably detected my accent from Montreal - Au revoir

Lise M. Plante

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