Virginia - Historic Williamsburg

Virginia - Historic Williamsburg

Date sent: Fri, 14 Feb 1997
From: "Judith M. Moss"
Subject: Williamsburg, Virginia
Have you ever been to Williamsburg, Virginia? It is only about one hour from our home and it is one of my favorite "Get Away Spots". We have a time share and often buy an extra weekend at Powhatan Plantation. We have even stayed in some of the restored homes along the Duke of Glochester Street in Colonial Williamsburg.

I'd NEVER go in the summer. Too hot! But the spring or the fall is just lovely. Slow wandering around the streets. You can spend nothing or a fortune and still have fun. Christmas in the Colonial Capital is fantastic. They decorate the outsides of the buildings with fruit and vines and leaves and pineapples even feathers. Grand Illumination - well, what can I say. It is worth

the trip if you travel one hour or 20. Christmas in Williamsburg is unforgetable. And no, I don't work there.


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