Travel Australia: Southern Reef Getaway

Travel Australia: Southern Reef Getaway

Looking for an ultimate beach trip? Take a dive into Australia’s bluest coasts, whitest most powdery sands, colourful bright underwater life, and rich fiery rocks. The southern reef getaway is a series of adventure after adventure and eye candy after eye candy.

If you want an adventure that will calm your mind, feed your soul, and entertain your sight, the southern landscape of Australia is a place where the tropical vibe lies in the most cunning and spectacular tiny neighbouring islands.

Where to start your Southern Reef Getaway?

Bundaberg, Queensland

Start your ultimate getaway in Bundaberg first and make friends with some locals and visit some local town stores. Explore its charming spots and lay around its white sandy beaches. Stay for a night and experience Queensland’s locals most favourite place.  

Bundaberg is surrounded by palm trees, blue waters, and friendly locals. It is a town where you can enjoy both the city’s convenience and beach living. Try out some of the local restaurants and visit artisan shops around the town. Then, get ready to plunge to its neighbouring islands. 

Agnes Waters

From Bundaberg to Agnes Waters, the journey will be as enjoyable as your destination. Along the way, you will get to experience a scenic drive exuding the beautiful coastlines of the Southern reefs. Also, you will get pass 1770 town, a surf town with a nice hang-out beach for tourists and visitors with multiple inlets with calm waters. 

Lady Musgrove Island

Another go-to place in the southern reef is Lady Musgrove. It is a perfect place to delve into the water with your snorkels or even go deeper and go scuba diving. Its life underwater is dreamy with colourful bright corals and fishes. If you’re lucky, you will get to see dolphins up close and some turtles swimming around the reef. 

Also, if you are there during the right time of the year. Whale watching is an incredible experience. It will make you realize how small you are on this gigantic planet filled with mysterious majestic sea creatures. 

Fly to Lady Elliot

Lady Elliot is an island where you can go glamping with a group of friends or gallivant around its eco-garden. The sand here is white as clouds and as soft as powder. The water is gleaming with beautiful hues of blue perfectly blending with the subtle sky making the horizon disappear. 

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort will pamper you with great amenities, scenic views, and indulging comfort. Wake up in this tropical resort looking over a view so alluring you don’t ever want to come back to the hustles and bustles of the fast-paced urban living. Take time, walk around the beach, barefoot, and wait for the sun to fall and sleep under the sparkling welcoming stars behind a bright magnetizing light of the moon. A weekend getaway that will leave you refreshed and energised ready to sustain the ordinary. 

If you are tired of mundane and redundancy, take the time to plunge into the gilt-edge crystal clear waters of the southern reefs while enjoying a glimpse of its luscious nature. Bring along your friends or fly solo. Either way, it is one place where you need no entertainment to get entertained.