Make-Up Tips For Girls With Poor Vision

Make-Up Tips For Girls With Poor Vision

Putting make-up alone is already challenging. How challenging will it be then if you have poor vision? It is likely for your eyeliners to be all over the place or your mascara generously splattered on your eyes. 

Applying makeup is a work of art that requires precision and a good eye. Hardly seeing what you’re are doing can lead to smudges, uneven tones, and imbalanced makeup. So, say no more, here are some simple guidelines in applying makeup if you have a poor vision:

How To Apply Makeup If You Have A Poor Vision?

Leaving Your Base For Last

Applying your base makeup can be very messy. Opting for your eye makeup first will save you the hassle of cleaning up your foundation’s mess again and again throughout the process. Hence, apply your eye makeup first and work your way all the way to your lips. 

Mirrors On The Walls 

Looking closely to small details of imperfection in your makeup will help you define your face adequately. Focusing too much on your contour can somehow lead to a cake foundation on your face. Hence, place your self in front of the mirror; as near as you can. Then, step a few feet away from it to view how others would see you. 

Your Concealers Are For Your Mistakes

It is common to make mistakes when applying your makeup. If you happen to put on some makeup on areas where you don’t intend to, simply use a sponge with concealer and softly blot the mistake. However, note that you only need to use a small amount of concealer; just enough to cover the mistake. 

Clean Brushes Is For Blending

Blending your makeup is one challenging task that will take much of your effort. However, if you use a brush with palettes already sitting in it might even make your blending game even more challenging. Our Expert – Kim from Koko’s says – “if you are about to blend your makeup, use a clean brush to avoid putting in other colours that do not go with your intended look”. Also, it will help you thoroughly even out your makeup. 

Eye-Makeup Challenge

Applying eye makeup is foremost the task that needs precision So, if you don’t want to keep on repeating yourself for not doing it perfectly the first time, then use tapes. Tapes will help you perfectly define your eye makeup and prevent smudges. However, if you have sensitive skin, use tapes with a minimal stick to it. 

Slightly Bent Eyeliner Tool

Bent eyeliners can create a well-defined line around your eyes, and yes, they do exist. Bent eyeliner tips were created by a disabled makeup artist. It is intended for those who are having a hard time drawing the right lines that flow with the natural physique of your eyes. So, explore your favourite cosmetics shop and see if they sell bent eyeliners. 

Stencil A Cut Crease

A DIY cut crease is easy to make. You can simply use a creased piece or cut an oval-shaped object as a stencil. When you have it, you can use a concealer or a paddle brush to perfectly make the shape. 

Cutting Down Brushes

Brush tips can be annoying when they fortuitously get into your eye or leave makeup particles on your mirror. Cutting down the tip of your brushes or the excess length will help you avoid irritating your eyes. Make it into a shape that suits your makeup routine. Thus, apart from preventing your eyes from getting more damage, it will also effectively serve its makeup purpose. 

Lightest To Darkest Shades

Every artist knows that when you want to create depth, you always start with the lightest colour in the spectrum then gradually work your way to the darkest poignant palettes. When you apply your eyeshadow, make sure to start with the lightest shade you desire. Note that, it is easier to conceal light colours than the obscene bronze hue. 

Makeup is a trend that has been existing for as long as all women could remember. Makeup is a fun activity for girls that usually cause their tardiness. But, putting makeup with poor vision is quite a challenge. You wouldn’t know if you’re actually using the right shades, amount, and area. Thus, try our simple tips and put on some colours on your face.