Travel Australia: Top-Rated Hiking Experience

Travel Australia: Top-Rated Hiking Experience

Hiking the boundless outbacks of Australia is an ancient ritual that threads the modern world to the nation’s long-hauling history. Hiking through the vast landscape of the ancient tracks is like following the footsteps of the country’s very first inhabitants. Back then, hiking was called a “walkabout”. It is a traditional Aboriginal people do to get to know the culture and way of living of their ancestors. 

The bushland of Australia is rich in wild birds, luscious greens, sapphire coasts, and rugged deserts enough to spark the interest of hard-core trekkers. Also, along the way, wallabies, wombats, and wildlife will welcome you with a quirky grin. Thus, if you are in dire need of the outdoors, nature, and some enjoyable exercise, take a plunge in this sun-soaked nation filled with spectacular eye candies and stirring stories of its past. 

Top Walkabout Spots in Australia

Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

King Canyon is one of the most breathtaking places to go on a hike before the sun rises. It is a six-kilometre hike around the 150-meter deep canyon painted in rusty lustrous orange and red palettes. As the sun rises, the landscape will beam with rich hues of golden red perfectly accentuated with the dark thick greens of the surrounding. Along the way, kangaroos, zebra finches, and some honeyeaters will appear looking for breakfast or bathe in the sun. 

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Want to experience one of the best day hikes that satisfy the mind, soul, and eyes? Take a hike in Mount Gower where the hike ascends from plain lands to the misty soaring forest to the summit.  This island also houses epochal wildlife keeping nature pristine, rich and balanced.  The soaring forest is filled with ferns, wild and rare orchids, and some of the country’s iconic wildlife. Hence, if you want to take a walk to the skyrocketing luscious forest filled with out-of-this-world living things, book a tour, book a guide, and learn the tailing history of its nature and evolution through time. 

Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River, Western Australia

Cape track is a unique experience where you get to hike one of the most dazzling views of Australia’s neverending coastline. While on the walk, surf beaches, coastal cliffs, and countless giant karri trees will entertain your hungry eyes. Cape track exudes grotesque coastal rock formations, cascades, and beaches free from trash. You can also enjoy a view from the top that highlights the pounding and ranging surf spot. At the top, you will be amazed at the flourishing wildflowers, kangaroos doing their daily whereabouts while taking shelter under thick shady scrubs. 

Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

Fraser Island was home to the native Butchulla many moons ago. The hiking trail leads to old routes of the Dilli Village and Happy Valley. Along the way, you will pass by the subtropical rainforest swarming with opulent mangroves and cold but astounding shores. You can also take a plunge in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Lake McKenzie and gaze towards the colossal sand dunes swallowing the majestic sight of Lake Wabby. 

Australia offers the best in the world when it comes to outdoor adventures. They preserve, protect, and maintain their vast wildering land to keep the wildlife thriving, the water blue, and the forest flourishing. Thus, the right hiking etiquette must be practised when hiking the Australian outdoors. It is one place on Earth where nature radiates voguish colours, beaming flora and fauna, and sparkling inviting coasts. Thus, if you are tired of looking at the picture on your wall dreaming of better days, day hike to one of the top-rated hike spots and see your days ahead in more vivid bright colours.