Grilling Mistakes Dietitians Wants You To Avoid

Grilling Mistakes Dietitians Wants You To Avoid

Grilling is the healthiest way of cooking. It rises less oil in contrast to frying or other cooking methods. However, there are some downsides when grilling your food. Although grilling generally is healthy. If you do it the wrong way, you might be decreasing the nutrients you are getting from your food. 

Common Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

Cooking on a Dirty Grill

A dirty grill will not only diminish the flavours of your food but is also be a fire hazard. It is vital to clean your grill before you start sizzling perfectly good meat. It is to make sure no moulds or bacteria will get into your food that could deplete its nutrition and downgrade its taste. 

Grilling With Excess Fats

Excess fats can be awfully delicious but when they’re are cooked on high heat, it raises their AGEs. AGE is an acronym for Advanced Glycation End-Products and it is highly dangerous for your health. It triggers weight gain and heart disease. 

Grilling on Excessive Heat

High heat sure does make everything crispy on your grill but it also takes out the nutrients in your meat and vegetables while exposing it to benzopyrene. Benzopyrene is a compound typically found in cigarettes that occurs when you burn or char vegetables. 

Oiling the Grill 

The natural oil from your meat is best, but oiling it with something else will cause the coal to smoke and carbonise. It will alter the taste of your food and dry your vegetables. So, instead of oiling your grill, you can lightly brush it onto your veggies. 

Overcooking Your Dish

A well-done steak or burger increases your risk of high blood pressure by 15%. When you cook meat at high temperatures, it tends to increase oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and inflammation. It will also depreciate the vitamin B content and minerals of the meat by 40%. The same goes with overcooking vegetables, it loses a significant amount of nutrients when charred. 

Grilling With Sugary Glazes

Barbeque sauces may always seem like a good idea but sauces high in sugar content can be harmful to your health. On top of that, it will also cause the meat to burn quickly. The best way to add a twist of sweetness into your steak is to glaze it at the end of the cooking process. Additionally, never use the marinade for dipping. It can spread bacteria. But if you do, make sure to boil it before serving. 

Using Direct Heat For Food That Takes Longer To Cook

Vegetables, burgers, thinly-sliced steaks, seafood, and pork are great to cook on direct heat. However, a whole chicken, a brisket, rib, and other thick robust meat must be cooked on indirect heat slowly. 

Grilling is already a healthy habit of cooking. Doing it the right way, on the other hand, will make sure you get the best out of your food. Grilling is an art that must be done the right way to fully enjoy its benefits.