Travel Australia: Figure Eight Pool Adventure

Travel Australia: Figure Eight Pool Adventure

A bucket list-worthy getaway that should be on your list is the Figure Eight Pool tour. It is an award-winning destination with eco-licensed tour guides that will bring you to insta-worthy places of Sydney’s Coast Track in the Royal National Park. The traverse Figure Eight pool is a famous go-to place for those who are hungry for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

On-tour, you will get to see up-close the Aboriginal shell midden and uncover the history of flora and fauna of this alluring eco-tourism destination in Australia. The Figure Eight tour uses the money to help Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Thus, apart from delving into the majestic landscape of the Figure Eight Pool, you will also contribute to the education of children in need.

Why Go Explore the Figure Eight Pool Tour?

  • It is safe with the guidance of the Eco-licensed tour operator.
  • See the iconic Sydney Coast Track
  • Revisit history and get introduced to the Aboriginal shell midden.
  • Help kids in need.
  • Easy-going tour with convenient transportation options.
  • A perfect mini-vacation plan with friends or family.

What to Do in Figure Eight Pool Tour?

The starting point is ar Otford. It is where the fun hiking adventure bein along the Sydney Coast Track. It is an eleven-kilometre trek to Garie Beach. Then stop by the Figure Eight Pool and see the breathtaking blend of the blue skies and turquoise crystal-clear waters. Along the coast, the emerald green Australian bushland and the golden sand will indulge your eyes with one of the most cunning tropical flares.

Along the way, your mind will wander upon uncovering the history of heritage cottages while, if you’re lucky, you will get to witness whales, wallabies, and echidnas in their natural habitat. ​

The trek going to the Figure Eight Pools include navigation of the two headlands, jumping from one rock to another, and swimming in the nature-made spectacular rock pools.

Then after diving into the naturally-formed rock pools, you will get to see in the flesh the Aboriginal Shell midden. A place that exudes decades of history and story.

What To Bring When on Tour?

  • Walking shoes with grip. (thongs, sandals, or flipflops are discouraged)
  • Packed Lunch
  • Water
  • Swimming Gear
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Brim Hats and Sunscreen
  • Good Vibes and a Sense of Adventure

Figure Eight Pool Safety Protocols

While there is a danger when exploring the Figure Eight Pool alone or without a tour expert, guides in this destination execute regular risk assessment to ensure safety and prepare the hike according to the place’s current condition. Additionally, Figure Eight Pool is only accessible during low-tide, hence, tourists can’t go on tour during high-tide.

Additionally, the Figure Eight Pool award-winning guides are equipped to do first aid. If the conditions of the pools aren’t safe to explore, there are alternative activities offered for tourists. The uncertainty of safety to tour the Figure Eight Pool is especially considered, hence, if the tour is cancelled, tourists can reschedule or get refunded.

Moreover, for one to enjoy hiking and be able to do the whole adventure, it requires a moderate to a pristine level of fitness. The activities all throughout the tour will need an energised body, confidence, and a good sense of balance. It is required to get through the steep tracks going up and down and walk past the slippery surfaces. And the hiking lasts up to six hours. Hence, it is important that your body is equipped to do the tour.