Yoga Poses: Develop Leaner and Stronger Legs

Yoga Poses: Develop Leaner and Stronger Legs

Yoga is a holistic exercise that develops and improves mental, physical, and emotional wellness. It is a practice that has been existing for centuries. Now yoga made its way into one of the most sought-after body workouts that helped many achieve their ideal body.

Every pose in yoga has specific benefits and use. It improves flexibility, strength and balance not only in your physical body but in life. If you want to get that legs leaner but stronger, here are lists of yoga poses you can do every day. 

Warrior I

Warrior I is an easy pose incorporated in every yoga routine. It enhances the shape of your thighs and calves. When doing Warrior I, you need to start with downward dog, whenever you are ready, step either your left or right foot forward. Place it in between your hands then reach your arms up framing your face. Stay in that position for 5 to 10 breaths then repeat it with the other leg. 


Triangle is another pose that promotes stronger and leaner legs. If you are in your Warrior I pose, spread your arms to the side, then straighten both your legs. It will give extra pressure to both your legs and will tone your muscles. After, place your one hand to the other side and raise the opposite hand to the sky. Make sure you are creating a straight line with your arms. If you can balance well, turn your gaze upwards and stay in this pose for 5 to 10 breaths. Repeat these steps on the opposite side. 

Warrior III

Warrior III is quite a difficult pose that requires both your concentration and balance. Do this pose by doing the downward dog pose, then slowly with control step one foot in between your palms. After, slowly distribute you weight on the front leg. Use your arms to support you while you slowly lift your back foot making it parallel to the floor. Then, slowly put your arms together into your chest, reach to the front or sides. Keep your gaze downwards and stay in this position for 10 long breaths. Then repeat to the other side. 

Half Moon Pose

Coming from your Warrior III pose, place your left or right fingertips under your shoulder. Then, lift your leg and turn your torso to either left or right. After, extend the opposite arm then look towards your left side. Keep your leg planted on the ground steadily and hold your lifted leg with control. Stay in this pose for 5 long breaths and repeat the cycle. 

Eagle Pose

Start with your mountain pose or standing, then slowly wrap around either your right leg to your left or vice versa. After, wrap your right arm to your left or vice versa. Sit down as low as you can and lift your eagle arms to maintain balance. Stay in this pose for 5 long deep breaths and slowly unwind your legs and arms after. 

Extended Side Angle Pose

Start with a downward dog position then slowly shift to Warrior I. Slowly lift your body and reach your arms to the sky. Then, twist your arm creating a straight line, and extend both legs creating a triangle. After, place your either right or left arm to your front leg while extending the opposite arm to the sky. If you can balance, keep your glare upwards to your extended arms. 

Yoga is a great practice your can incorporate to your daily workout. If you want stronger and leaner legs, carefully try this poses at home. It will gradually build the strength in your legs while giving your leaner and toner legs.