10 Tips for Perfect Sleep Space Drapes

10 Tips for Perfect Sleep Space Drapes

Sunlight banishing fabrics that are eco-friendly and stylish is just about what you need when choosing a new drape for your bedroom. Your bedroom is a space you get to rest, relax, and have some alone time. It is only best to design your bedroom as serene as possible so you can have a good night sleep and nice cosy mornings. So, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect drapes that will give you a luxurious sleep every night:

Pick a Curtain Heading of Your Preference

Your curtain heading must suit your personal style. It has to be visual entertainment for you the moment you step into your room and the time you wake in the morning. If you want something modern and versatile, choose a heading that is neutral and simple. It can go with any colour and pattern. A tie-top heading is another option if you want a relaxed appeal but exuding a sleek facade. The tie-top heading is airy, light, and exhibits a rustic appeal. 

Curtain Up Your Wall From Floor to the Ceiling

Drapes that run down the floor creates a dramatic appeal while fully covering sunlight streaks. Choose thick velvet fabrics and you will always feel like royalty upon opening your eyes in the morning and letting the sun in. Also, short windows will look taller if the curtain goes all the way down. 

A Subtle Pattern to Add Extra Details

Details are important when designing a space. It’s in the details that make up the look of the space. If you choose bold patterns, it can be a challenge to look for pillowcases and blankets that will match them. However, if you opt for subtle little patterns with subtle colour schemes, mixing and matching elements around the bedroom will be much easier. 

Totally Block Out the Light

Blackout lining is the best way to block all outside elements so you can get a good night’s rest. If you want to sometimes let the light in, you can incorporate an interlining with your blackout lining. Thick dark curtains are the most ideal materials to choose if you want to feel separated from the outside world. 

Eco-Friendly Linen

It’s not all about aesthetics but also about caring for nature. Choosing drapes that takes years to decay may not be an ideal option if there are fabrics available that are more sustainable but delivers the same function. Linen is one of the best eco-friendly curtain options and it brings minimal impact to the environment when manufactured. It is also durable and will last longer when properly maintained. 

There are many ways to keep the light and the world out with just a curtain. Curtains create drama while functions as your comforter at night and during the day. Choosing the right drape that matches your bedroom can be quite a challenge since there are countless options when it comes to design. However, if you want a cohesive bedroom, choose the one that will match all your existing bedroom things.