Indoor Flavours: 7 Herbs You Can Grow in Your Kitchen

Flavour is what gives your dish that extra kick. Fresh herbs are very useful when it comes to elevating the taste of your dish up a notch. Having your own fresh herbs right in your kitchen will guarantee the raw and genuine aroma and seasoning to your food. 

Growing herbs is not quite easy, but with a little effort, having a mini herb garden in your kitchen is rewarding. Some herbs are best grown outdoors while some can grow both indoors and outdoors. 

If you are looking for herbs that can live inside your kitchen, here are 7 herbs that will not only spice up your dish but will also add a little personality into your kitchen. 


Parsley delivers a mildly bitter taste and beautiful aroma that will elevate your dish. It can help balance the taste and has benefits good for your digestion. It is also a great source of Vitamin A and C. 

Parsley will even during winter. It can withstand any kind of environment or weather. It is a flexible plant that will develop beautifully with the right amount of food and sunlight. Thus, parsley is a great option if you are looking for herbs to have in your kitchen.


Basil gives out a slightly pungent flavour with hints of sweetness. Basil is typically added to pizzas, salads, sauces and pesto. It gives variation to the flavours of the dish and gives a nice smooth aroma. 

Basil also has antioxidant properties and gives your body defence to fight low blood sugar. Basil has different types, the most popular are Italian basil or purple sweet basil. Regardless of what you pick to plant in your kitchen, basil only requires a good amount of sunlight and food to thrive. 


Thyme has an amazing facade that will look good around your kitchen. It is also a descendant of mint. Thyme is usually added to eggs and vegetables. It adds an extra flavour and balances the taste. 

Thyme brings out a minty taste with a mild lemony scent. It is best paired with lamb, poultry products and tomatoes.  It can also enhance the taste of your stew and garden salads. 


Sage has a strong flavour and aroma that can overpower your dish. It is usually a good seasoning for meats, vegetables and different kinds of sauces. It is best to limit the amount of sage when cooking, just a little will give you enough flavour and aroma. 

Sage can also relieve cuts, inflammation and enhance memory. It is easy to grow and care while keeping your garden smelling good. One thing about sage is that it attracts bees, if you are growing them outdoors, it is perfect to place beside a flowering plant. 


Rosemary is a flavourful herb that can easily elevate your dish up a notch. It goes well with poultry, meats and vegetable dishes. It has a nice aroma that will dominate your kitchen. It is also used as fillers in floral arrangements due to its striking leaves and appearance. 

Rosemary prefers a soil that is quite dry. Thus, it is best not to give it too much water. It can grow significantly big. Learn the correct ways of caring for rosemary to ensure its growth. 


Cilantro is famous Chinese parsley that is also known as coriander. It best paired with spicy oriental food, Mexican cuisine, Indian food and among other dishes that use a lot of hot and spicy elements. Cilantro is best planted in cool areas or soil that is constantly wet or cold in temperature. 

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves is a herb full of different aromas. It smells like clove, hints of mint, and most especially balsam. It is best mixed with stews and other dishes that are long-simmered. It gives out a distinct peppery taste with a slight bitterness. 

How convenient will it be if you have your own herb garden right in your kitchen? Aside from the beautiful aesthetic that it adds up in your space, it will keep your kitchen smelling good all the time while providing you fresh herbs every time you cook.