Common Make-Up Jargons for Beauty Enthusiasts

Common Make-Up Jargons for Beauty Enthusiasts

It’s hard when make-up instructions contain jargons. It creates confusion and leads to frustration when most of the words you encounter are hard to understand. While all industries have their own jargon, the same goes with make-up.  So, if you have been confused, frustrated, and almost giving up on your goal to learn more about make-up and make-up application, here are the jargons you will commonly encounter. 

Common Make-up Jargons


Bake/baking, means putting on a thick layer of loose slightly transparent powder on your face and letting it sit for minutes to bake(set). 


The base is the first layer of your make-up before applying your eyeshadow colours, lipstick, and the likes. The base is mostly made up of primer, concealer and brows. 

BB Cream

BB cream is also the same with tinted moisturiser. It adds an extra layer of protection on your face. 

Beauty Blender

Beauty blender originally came from the brand Beauty Blender. However, now, it is used to call a sponge that blends make-up. 


Bronzer is either a cream or powder. It gives extra defined features in the make-up while highlighting features in your face. 

Brow Pomade

Brow pomade is what experts use to define eyebrows. 

CC Cream

CC means colour correcting. It can either be a cream or liquid product that covers poignant blemishes and tone skin.


Contour is like the act of painting your face with different tones, tints, and shades. It creates an illusion using shadows to define cheekbones, forehead, jawline, and nose.


Crease is the area in your eyelid that folds. It is located just right under your eyebrows. 

Cupid’s Bow

Cupid’s bow is the middle part of your upper lip that is shaped like an inverted triangle. 

Cut Crease

Cut crease is a style make-up artists do when they cut the smooth eyeshadow application and creates a line from your eye’s inner corner following the direction of your eye crease. 


Dewy is a finishing touch that comes in different varieties: liquid, cream, or spray. It adds either a natural appeal, shimmering, or dewy. 

Doe Foot

Doe foot is commonly used for applying lipstick or lip gloss. It is small with a slanted end for easy application. 

Dupe/ Duplicate

Dupe is used to call products that are very similar but with varying prices. 

Fake Make-up

Fake make-up isn’t the same as false lashes that are actually safe to use. Fake make-up are counterfeit products that are sold for cheaper prices and may contain toxic elements that can damage your skin. 


Flashback is the white cast caused by a camera flash. 


Gradient is creating a smooth transition from one colour to another. It is usually used for blending eyeshadow and blush. 

Half Cut Crease

Same concept with the cut crease but it only goes up to the middle of your lids. 

Halo Eye

Halo eye is an effect where the outer and inner corners of your eyelids are rendered in darker tones while the middle is lighter or shiny.  


Matte is a kind of finish that exhibits a flat or dull aesthetic. It is perfect for girls with oily skin. 


Packing is building pigments until you achieve the colour or coverage you want. 


Primer is one of the first layers you apply before putting on make-up. It helps minimise pores, and wrinkles and helps keeping your make-up for longer periods. 


Setting refers to applying loose powder on top of liquid or cream product to set and keep it stationary for a longer time.