Technological Innovations: Keeping Your Parcels Secure For Delivery

Technological Innovations: Keeping Your Parcels Secure For Delivery

The increasing number of online shoppers significantly heightened the growth of parcels being delivered daily. Alongside the dramatic expansion of online transactions, fraud and theft also grew with it. Many complaints about parcels not arriving that result in complaints and refunds. While others experiencing theft right at their doorsteps losing their package before they collect them. 

The Growing Delivery Logistic Issues

Due to the unpredictable conditions, COVID-19 has brought upon the world influenced consumers to become extra careful whenever receiving their deliveries. It solved the issue of theft but other challenges also rose gradually. In contrary, the supply chain management logistics is still facing doorstep parcel step despite the demand for contactless deliveries. People living in urban areas are the ones who are suffering such threats. Hence, the supply chain logistics are also modified to prevent the growing increase in theft and lost parcel deliveries. 

Repelling Parcel Fraud

Whenever there are new innovations, there will always have ways to exploit it. The supply chain is gaining more and more experienced in dealing with fraudulent activities. Couriers lacking verification of successful deliveries are withstanding the challenge of identifying whether the unsuccessful package delivery is due to fraudulent claims or package theft. Thus, many companies are modifying their own system and operations to effectively deal with such fraudulent activities.

Applications are designed to cater to the issues pertaining to parcel deliveries. Some apps are equipped with innovation and features intended for the issue. The discovery of being able to track your package in real-time from the seller to your doorstep is an effective strategy that substantially decreased theft and fraud. Moreover, to prevent fraudulent claims, applications are designed to verify if the package was received by the right person. Digital records and claims are stored to ensure the smooth flow of the operation without having to deal with theft and fraud.  

Dealing With Doorstep Thefts

Parel theft is another major issue couriers are facing. Apart from the loss, dealing with parcel thefts have risks that may occur right at the doorstep of the consumer. Delivery thefts come in different forms. Some are passersby and some would even disguise as a delivery guy and pick up random parcels from random houses. Thus, the supply chain logistics is greatly affected and it is one of the most tricky problems to deal with. 

Many aspects lead to doorstep thefts. It could be because the house was empty when the parcel was delivered or the owners of the house are working from home and can’t retrieve the parcel as soon as it was delivered. Either way, it all boils down to the fact that a package sitting in front of the porch attracts attention. At the end of the day, the solution was simple: education and prevention. Customers must be able to arm themselves with the right knowledge about retrieving parcels safely. It is important to get the parcel from your doorstep as quick as possible and/or instruct the delivery guy to put the parcel away from plain sight. 

The Innovative Fix

An array of new solutions are now open to the market intended for consumers. Safety tips such as installing doorbell cameras, motion lights, and having secure parcel boxes are effective strategies to avoid theft and fraudulent activities. Also, automated locks are also utilised to give the delivery guys permission to enter the vicinity despite their absence. 

The collaborative approach of finding solutions to fraud and theft challenges in the courier industry took a leap forward towards safe parcel deliveries. Innovations are vital in the era of digitalisation. Without the critical and creative minds that create functional applications will leave the industry at a loss.