Pomodoro Technique: Mobile Applications To Organise Your Thoughts and Time

Pomodoro Technique: Mobile Applications To Organise Your Thoughts and Time

Do you ever find yourself having a set goal for the day only to wind up procrastinating and end up cramming a few hours before your shift ends? Time-management and focus are key aspects of productivity. While we think that we can make time to finish the tasks, the best solution, on the other hand, is organising it, not make it. 

The brain can only give undivided focus for a certain span of time.  The rest will be a series of wandering thoughts that will break you away from your focus. Thus, the Pomodoro technique was created. A tactic that breaks work into the manageable division to keep your mindset in complete focus on one task. 

The Benefits of Pomodoro Techniques

Enhanced Power of Concentration

Concentration, in the status quo, is perceived as being able to do work over long periods of time. While break time is seen as a luxury in a working environment. Scientifically speaking, the brain works immaculately on one task for a maximum of 25 minutes. After which, your brain will wander somewhere due to cognitive boredom. However, taking breaks every 25-minute work will reset your brain and recharge for a clean slate. Hence, short breaks in between work will render more concentration and prevent feeling burnout. 

Lessens Back Pain

Being in one position all day can cause backaches. Excessive sitting can cause a lot of physical problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and physical pain. With the Pomodoro technique, short breaks are intended for mild movements.  Instead of sitting for hours completely glued to your chair while having some troubles bringing your thoughts back to your work, you can rather give yourself a tap on the back and grab some coffee at the pantry or kitchen. A simple routine like this can both benefit you physically and mentally. 

Getting Rid of a Perfectionist Mindset

When perfection sets in, task completion becomes even more challenging and time-consuming. With the Pomodoro technique, your work will be a race towards finishing a task at a given time efficiently without compromising quality. Also, it takes you away from a mindset of scrutinising every detail to perfection. Thus, you acquire more time for other tasks or other stimulating activities that will, in the short run, render focus on your next task. 

Pomodoro Apps To Help You Organise Your Time and Thoughts


  • Lite Plan ($2.29/month), with 3 integrations included
  • Ultimate Plan ($4.01/month), with unlimited integrations and unlimited log access

PomoDone is one of the most ideal when you are dealing with separate task management software. It was designed to connect to different kinds of project management tools which makes it easier to import task and jot down time entries. 

Focus Booster

  • Free, but limited to 20 sessions only
  • Individual plan ($2.99/month), with 200 sessions and extended settings included
  • Unlimited plan ($4.99/month), with unlimited sessions and invoicing

Focus Booster is an ideal Pomodoro app for freelancers or those who work on client-related tasks. It allows you to separate the data of different clients and choose which to track at a certain time. Additionally, Focus Booster allows users to export CSV format for quick and easy invoicing. 

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List

  • Free
  • Premium (£2.99/3 months), with unlimited projects

Focus To-Do is an all-in-one Pomodoro application very practical for remote workers. It encompasses project creation, organisation, setting priorities, and a timer to enhance your productivity. The interesting aspect of this application is that you get to have a digital plant. The more productive you are, the healthier your plant will be or vice versa. 

To give your Pomodoro practice an extra boost, here’s a playlist to go along with it:

The thing is, our mind works in mysterious ways that even we can’t fully comprehend what’s happening behind that skull. But, with control and will-power, the brain can also be programmed in certain ways that benefit you. It’s like muscle memory, the more you do it, the lesser you have to use your brain. Same goes with the Pomodoro practice, once your brain is tuned in, your body will follow.